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November 28 2011

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Apparently the left page was drawn by Hikasa Youko and the right page was done by Satou Satomi :O Hikasa's good at drawing as well?!
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November 09 2011

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Nekomimi Sugami + Kanae~
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June 28 2010

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K-On!! Radio RajiOn!! #1

Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Taketatsu Ayana, Satou Satomi, Hikasa Youko, Kotobuki Minako

- Live audience recording. Looks like they've added Taketatsu Ayana to the personality list, which is nice, but a 5 person radio is can be hard to listen to D: I'll have to see how it goes.

- The 5 of them were choosing their favourite scene from K-On!

- First up was Satou Satomi, who chose: Episode 11, where Mio comes to visit the sick Ritsu scene.

- Second was Kotobuki Minako who chose: Last episode, where Yui comes in to the hall to play.

- Third was Taketatsu Ayana who chose: The scene where Yui hugs Azusa from behind when she was all tsun'ing. I loved this scene as well <3

- Fourth was Hikasa Youko: Episode 6 at the school festival where Mio is practicing alone in the club room but everyone else comes.

- Last was Toyosaki Aki who chose: The last episode when she leaves the house after going back to pick up her guitar. Before the scene starts showing Aki-chan says "untan!" I love you Aki-chan <3

- I love Aki-chan's 'ufufufu' laugh <3 <3

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