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December 26 2011

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Oh god what is this cute little creature...
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December 11 2011

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From when Itou Kanae guested on Haganai's Radio back in mid October.
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December 03 2011


Itou Kanae goes to a pitching centre for her solo radio, 伊藤かな恵の夢かな?ラジオ #7, to try and throw a ball at 60 km/h.

The goal was originally 50 km/h but last episode, upon hearing that nano.RIPE's vocalist Kimiko could throw at around 80, Kanae said that 50 was probably too easy and raised it to 60. She gave the reason that she had been in the Softball club too.

And so this episode when she actually went to measure her pitching speed she managed to reach... Only 43 km/h lol. She didn't even reach the original goal of 50! Let alone her revised goal of 60 ahaha.
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November 24 2011

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Maejo's('s) recording studio.
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November 23 2011

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Itou Kanae posing out a picture Inoue Marina drew of her.

Inoue Marina's drawing is so adorable~ (*´▽`*)
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November 22 2011

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Kanae x Marina ②
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Kanae x Marina :D
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Inoue Marina x Itou Kanae? :D
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November 18 2011


Photo taken by Inoue Marina at a hotel in Kobe for a Maejo event on 2011.11.13. Apparently this was late at night when the staff was out on the streets of Kobe and the other two came over to her room to play~ Kano Yui is the girl on the left with Itou Kanae lying flat on the bed.
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November 09 2011

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Nekomimi Sugami + Kanae~
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Kanae so smallsakdjfladfjaiejf;ef <3
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Kanae so shortasfjdasldfkja;sdfklja <3
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Kanae so adorableasdkfljadslfkjl <3
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November 06 2011


nano.RIPE's Vocal/Guitarist Kimiko guesting on Itou Kanae's solo radio "Itou Kanae no Yume Kana? Radio" #7 on 2011.11.06. Amusingly Kanae is a HUGE fan of nano.RIPE and she was fangirling over her throughout the episode~ <3
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Sakaguchi Daisuke, Endou Aya, Suwabe Junichi
Itou Kanae, Shimono Hiro
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September 02 2011

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After reading that 3D->2D post on I wanted to give it a quick try as well. Not sure if she looks too much alike but it was fun :D Perhaps I'll do a couple more later.
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August 10 2011


Ueda Kana and Shimizu Kaori talking about the picture of Itou Kanae that was sent to her on twitter by Inoue Marina for her birthday on Marunage.

The two of them were talking about what surprises they've been having recently.
: Ah speaking of surprises! Just the other day, oh this has something to do with Kanae by the way, on my birthday Marina sent me a birthday picture! I was like "Good Job Marina!" Kanae was holding a paper board with "Happy Birthday" written on it and Marina took the picture and sent it to me. It was sooo cute~
Kaori: Ah, this was on twitter wasn't it?
Kana: Yeah yeah
Kaori: Yeah I saw that. I was thinking "Ah Kana's gotta be ecstatic from this" when I saw it
Kana: Yeah I was.
Kaori: Well that was nice wasn't it?
Kana: I still have the picture. It's open on screen on my iPad.
*Kaori laughs*
Kaori: ...I saw a glance of it just before...
Kana: ...Did you see it?
Kaori: *laughs* I saw it.
Kana: Ahh how embarassing... *laughs*
Kaori: *laughs* I was thinking "Ah it's that picture..."
Kana: That was a wonderful surprise <3

I've been listening to quite a bit of Marunage recently. It's such a fun radio <3

July 27 2011


Itou Kanae releasing a Photobook!

From her blog post on 2011.07.26

Title: Ann--ounce--ment♪

On the 15th of September....

I'll be putting out a Photobook! (・◇・)
It's for real (lol)

Title: かな恵る。~ka na e ru~
Release Date: 2011.09.15 (Thursday)
Price: 3150 yen (With tax)
Publisher: Gakken Publishing

There will be all sorts of photos taken for it!★

Please look forward to it~
Tags: Itou_Kanae
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May 25 2011

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I love how short Itou Kanae is <3
Tags: Itou_Kanae
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May 17 2011

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Itou Kanae's 2nd guest appearance on Payo Payo!
This time it's a live audience recording too.

Well a photo of her and Takahashi Mikako was up on Kanae's blog almost half a month back or so because that was when the event occurred.
...And I've been waiting for it to be broadcast...
Also Sugita is guesting on PayoPayo as it's next live recording guest on the 28th of May! \o/ I can't wait even more for that.

But the internet broadcast of that event will once again be a couple of weeks after in mid June.

Thats a looong time. :(
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