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February 01 2013

From Sugita's Anigera Dedooon #100 on 2013.01.24:

: Kanemoto-san[Kanemoto Hisako] said this to me before, Nakamura, you call her "Ika" or "Ika-chan" don't you?
*Tanaka laughs*
Nakamura: Actually, the other day she came up to me and said "Do you even know my name?!"
 *Sugita and SP Tanaka laughs*
Nakumura: And I was like "Of course I know your name! Kanemoto-san right?"

August 15 2012

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From "ラジオ腐りかけ"/Radio Kusarikake. The radio is normally hosted by Seki Tomokazu and Paku Romi but they were absent for the episode and KitaEri and Shintani Ryouko were brought in to host the show. This was just something I found amusing from the episode. A bit of back info, the "Kusari" uses the same kanji as the "fu" in "Fujoshi" meaning rotten or corrupted.

KitaEri: The reason why they called us in is because we're "fujoshi". What do you think about that?
Shintani: Hmm well, I'm not really sure what it means to be a fujoshi anymore. I've always thought it was a girl who was really in to BL but lately it seems to refer to any girl who's an otaku. When it's put that way I guess I'd be a fujoshi... But I'm not that into BL...
KitaEri: Yeah that's right! Rather than BL WE PREFER GL!
Shintani: Yeah!.... ??! Eh??? *laughs*
KitaEri: *laughs* That made you pause for a bit!
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April 25 2012


Itou Kanae and Asumi Kana doing impressions of Toyosaki Aki and Iguchi Yuka.

Kanae-chan and Asumin try some impressions…

Clip Length: 3:43
Source:Voice of A&G Digital: Ito Kanae no Cho-Raji!Girls #19
Air Date: 2008.08.12
Personality: Kanae Ito
Guest: Kana Asumi
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March 05 2012


Hanazawa Kana hearing about Taketatsu Ayana's new photobook name

From her radio, Hitori de Dekiru Kana #109 on 2012.02.29.


: *Reading mail from a listener* "...Taketatsu Ayana's new photobook called "AYANA" is about to be released--" *gasp* Hold on a moment... "Ayana" in the english alphabet?!? *laughs hysterically* WHAT?? Seriously?! Could this be a rip off of "KANA"?? *laughs* Stop it Taketatsu!

*Goes back to reading the mail* "...It's obvious that she's keeping your title in mind with the name, in opposition you should release a second photobook! Please have the producer for that photo book be Hiyocchi--"
No way! It'll turn into something terrible!

*Continues reading* "Keep on doing your best, farewell"
Thanks. That's amazing, Ayachi's photobook is called "AYANA" *laughs* Uwaah and I just met with her today. I didn't get to tease her about it *laughs*. That's interesting!

But seriously, thinking up what kind of name to use for the title of the photobook is difficult. I guess having your name written in the english alphabet is a safe choice. But it'll be different to my photobook. Seeing a different side of Ayachi... It'll definitely be cute... I bet she'll be wearing a swimsuit! I want to see that...


I was so amused upon hearing that Ayana's photobook was to be named "AYANA" as well. I guess it's not uncommon now that I think about it though, Tomatsu Haruka's first photobook was called "HARUKAS" as well IIRC heh.
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December 05 2011

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From Radio Cross #2 on
2011.10.25 hosted by Sakura Ayane and Yahagi Sayuri.
A listener asks how he should get over his nervousness and start talking to people so the two of them roleplay a situation where a male classmate tries to talk to a female classmate for the first time. Yahagi played the male classmate and she sneaks up behind Sakura and... Hugs her from behind, which makes Sakura squeal and jump in surprise ahaha. The two of them agreed in the end that this probably isn't the best way to approach a girl lol.
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December 03 2011


Itou Kanae goes to a pitching centre for her solo radio, 伊藤かな恵の夢かな?ラジオ #7, to try and throw a ball at 60 km/h.

The goal was originally 50 km/h but last episode, upon hearing that nano.RIPE's vocalist Kimiko could throw at around 80, Kanae said that 50 was probably too easy and raised it to 60. She gave the reason that she had been in the Softball club too.

And so this episode when she actually went to measure her pitching speed she managed to reach... Only 43 km/h lol. She didn't even reach the original goal of 50! Let alone her revised goal of 60 ahaha.
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November 06 2011


nano.RIPE's Vocal/Guitarist Kimiko guesting on Itou Kanae's solo radio "Itou Kanae no Yume Kana? Radio" #7 on 2011.11.06. Amusingly Kanae is a HUGE fan of nano.RIPE and she was fangirling over her throughout the episode~ <3
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October 13 2011

9125 2958

Asumi Kana x Iguchi Yuka on TamayuRadio


On Tamayura Radio ~Hitotose~ the four of them, Iguchi Yuka herself, Asumi Kana, Taketatsu Ayana and Gibu Yuuko celebrated Iguchi Yuka's birthday. Each of them gave her a present but Asumi's present to Iguchi was... A ring lol. (On the bottom left of the third picture)

Asumi: Here. Present. (Note: Asumi is speaking in a weird way, probably because she's embarrassed~ ahaha <3)
Iguchi: Eh?
Asumi: Birthday present. I went to a lot of places to look for your present!
Iguchi: *pretends to be shocked*...Asumi-san is giving me a birthday present...?
Asumi: Oi! You're making it sound like I never give you a present for your birthday!
Iguchi: *laughs* That Asumi Kana-san is giving ME a present!
*Opens the present*
Iguchi: It's a ring! A ring!
Ayana+Gibu: M-M-Marriage?! IS THIS A PROPOSAL?!
Iguchi: Ah I need to say something for this special moment... Can I have a moment please?
*Asumi laughs*
Asumi: Wait what---
Ayana+Gibu: Speech! Speech!
Iguchi: I wish for our happiness together. Both of us are still inexperienced but...
Asumi: ...Yeah
Iguchi: But both of us, Asumi Kana and Iguchi Yuka---
Asumi: Huh? Who's marrying you?
Iguchi: *mock surprise* Eh?!

Ahaha, they finally let Asumi explain herself at this point, though amusingly Asumi gets embarrassed as she explains it and her speech starts messy and gets messier and messier as she goes on to which they poke fun of her for. Err it's hard to translate to english but yeah she did repeat herself and stumble over her sentences while she was explaining herself haha.

Asumi: Iguchi was... She was wearing this... This accessory a while ago... Iguchi was wearing an accessory and that thing... I saw it... I saw it in a store---
Ayana+Gibu: We can't understand you! Speak clearer!
Iguchi: She's so cute!
Asumi: ...And so I saw it and I thought it was cute when I found it there... And there was that 'thing on the finger' version of it... A ring version of that accessory... Which I found there... So I settled with that one...
Iguchi: Thank you~ It's cute~
Asumi: ...So I bought it as your present....
Iguchi: Asumi's so cute~

Ahh Asumin you so tsundere~
P.S. Translating and writing Asumi's explanation was so.... OTL
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August 20 2011


HanaKana about her weight on HitoKana #95 2011.08.17

Another little excerpt from HitoKana #95 I found amusing. HanaKana had made a goal quite a few episodes back on HitoKana to lose three kilograms over the summer and she's been reporting on it with each episode lol. Amusingly, the staff asks her offhandedly everytime "How much do you weigh now?" to her despair and she tries to avoid the question everytime.

I announced that I would try to lose three kilograms quite a while ago and now... I've achieved that and lost three kilos! I told you all! If I set my mind to losing weight I can lose it easily! I've been waiting for this day to say this! ...But then it looks like I've gained a kilo again *laughs*
*staff asks her weight*"So what's your weight now?" Stop asking my weight! Eh? "Around 50 kilos?" What!? 50 Kilos?!!? What's with that!! That's horrible! It's a bit closer to.... A bit closer to... That... *HanaKana changes topic*

Lol so apparently she's below 50 kg by quite a bit. With each episode we have more information on her weight! harhar /creepy
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August 19 2011


Hanazawa Kana on Houkago Tea Time's Surprise Performance at TBS Anime Festa

From Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana? #95 on 2011.08.17

"We came as a surprise guest for Infinite Stratos at the TBS Anime Festa! There were really a lot of people there. Last year I came for Infinite Stratos as well and I thought "Wow it's really been a year already..." ...The only thing that's changed is that Uchiyama's [Kouki] hair has turned brown *laughs*
And also, K-ON performed there as a surprise guest just before we did as well! The whole audience was all like "Waah!". They sung two songs and left. The audience was all burned out after that! *laughs* And I was thinking "Ehhh We have to go up on stage right after them?! I don't want to go up there..." *laughs* But I was watching from the waiting room and they were really amazing! Performing with instruments really is cool isn't it. And singing those difficult songs... I really thought they were so cool!"

I don't think I've heard HanaKana talking about HTT often so I found this quite interesting <3
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August 10 2011


Kuroneko and Ayase Mini Audio Drama Translation

This was a roughly 5 minute audio drama from the OreImo Radio on episode 17 that I found particularly amusing. It's pretty much about the two of them meeting for the first time and finding out that they have to do this radio show together. As expected the two of them don't get along very well with one another hah. You can listen to it here:
, Ku and Ki stands for Ayase, Kuroneko and Kirino respectively.

Ay: Hello everyone that's listening in to the radio! It's nice to meet you! This is Aragaki Ayase! It looks like it will be me and Kirino handling the short drama today. This'll be my first time doing radio work so there may be some times when my inexperience shows but I'm looking forward to it!
Ku: ...Would you mind not opening with such deceit from the start?
Ay: Hmm? Who are you?
Ku: Kuroneko. I guess this is our first time meeting, Miss special guest Aragaki Ayase.
Ay: I... Guess so... Nice to meet you. *giggle* I was wondering who it'd be and it's my very good friend Kuroneko-san! What brings you here today? You shouldn't be appearing today? Ah I see! Perhaps you've made a mistake and come to the wrong place? Oh Kuroneko you can be so ditzy sometimes!
Ku: Thank you for being so irritating right from the start. And for you I've got a special announcement. Today's radio will be done by you and me.
Ay: Haha What kind of funny things are you saying? Where is Kirino?
Ku: We've got her on the phone so hear it from her yourself
Ki: Hello? Ayase? It's me!
Ay: Kirino? Where are you right now?
Ki: Sorry Ayase! There was this new game I REALLY wanted to play! It has Hanazawa voicing a character! So could I leave the radio to you today?!
Ay: Well then I guess there's no helping it...... EH?!
Ki: Thanks! I'm just up to this really good part so I'm leaving it to you!
Ay: Hey wait! Kirino?? Kirino! Eh?? Eeeeehh?!?
Ku: And that's how it is. Today we'll be having Kuroneko and Ayase's friendly combination on the radio.
Ay: "Friendly"?? We haven't even spoken a word to each other on the anime!!
Ku: We've had some pretty fun conversations on the PSP game haven't we?
Ay: For some reason I seem to recall us being at each other's throats though?!
Ku: We both hope never to meet one another in the anime don't we.
Ay: Agreed.
Ku: Well putting all that aside now, lets start reading mail from the listeners.
Ay: Are we really going to be doing this together?
Ku: We've got no choice do we? We've got that certain someone stuck in her little game putting her faith in you to fulfill her role after all. Would it be okay with you to not answer that?
Ay: Looks like that's just how it is isnt it. Well lets do it then.
Ku: It looks like we've got someone asking you a question here.
Ay: Seems like they predicted my guest appearance!
Ku: Seems that way. Go on and read it.
Ay: Umm... "Hello Ayase-san" Hello! "I always enjoy reading about you and the way you punish Kyousuke. What kind of tools are you thinking of using on him next time?"
Ku: ...Thanks for the question. So to our guest... What's your answer?
Ay: A lighter.
Ku: ...L-Lighter?! You mean that set-on-fire lighter?
Ay: Yep!
Ku: I'm scared to ask this but... What kind of punshment are you thinking of doing with a lighter...?
Ay: Umm well... Something like burning or setting him on fire?
Ku: Haha... You say some weird jokes don't you?
Ay: Eh?
Ku: ...."Eh"??
Ay: ...And of course I'm just joking!
Ku: Hahaha..... Why am I working with this devil on radio I wonder!
Ay: Aww don't say that! I'm glad I got to meet you Kuroneko!
Ku: What are you saying??
Ay: When this radio is over lets talk more with one another! ....About Kirino that is.
Ku: ...Wh-When this radio is over I'm going to be running off. As if my life depended on it.
Ay: Ah! It looks like we're finishing here today! Then I'll be closing the radio now! Thank you everyone for listening! Please look forward to the actual radio now!
*sound of running*

The three of them continue to comment on the drama and how scary Ayase is throughout the episode, if you're interested, you can find out more on it at

Ueda Kana and Shimizu Kaori talking about the picture of Itou Kanae that was sent to her on twitter by Inoue Marina for her birthday on Marunage.

The two of them were talking about what surprises they've been having recently.
: Ah speaking of surprises! Just the other day, oh this has something to do with Kanae by the way, on my birthday Marina sent me a birthday picture! I was like "Good Job Marina!" Kanae was holding a paper board with "Happy Birthday" written on it and Marina took the picture and sent it to me. It was sooo cute~
Kaori: Ah, this was on twitter wasn't it?
Kana: Yeah yeah
Kaori: Yeah I saw that. I was thinking "Ah Kana's gotta be ecstatic from this" when I saw it
Kana: Yeah I was.
Kaori: Well that was nice wasn't it?
Kana: I still have the picture. It's open on screen on my iPad.
*Kaori laughs*
Kaori: ...I saw a glance of it just before...
Kana: ...Did you see it?
Kaori: *laughs* I saw it.
Kana: Ahh how embarassing... *laughs*
Kaori: *laughs* I was thinking "Ah it's that picture..."
Kana: That was a wonderful surprise <3

I've been listening to quite a bit of Marunage recently. It's such a fun radio <3

July 26 2011


Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana? #93 2011.07.20 on Rokyubu's upcoming appearance at Anisama

Something I found amusing from Hanazawa Kana's solo radio regarding Rokyubu's appearance on Anisama.

"Yeahh We're appearing at Anisama! *claps* *cheers... and then trails off into a wail* ...It's really scary actually! *laughs* There'll be thirty thousand people! Thirty thousand!! That's like "How many thousand?!" It's terrifying! I'll be singing and dancing in front of all those people... Yeah this would be impossible on my own. I'm so glad there's four other people with me. The attention on me would be divided by five or something like that... But it really is scary! What am I going to do?!


We're currently discussing what kind of show we should do there and we always end up laughing and talking about doing something funny *laughs* Like having us pop up one by one like *pop* *pop* *pop* Like ninjas or something *laughs*


Well we're still looking forward to it but we're really nervous about it. We're all practicing really hard for it now though so please look forward to it too."

Thinking back on it, the only person out of the five that has experience performing in front of that many people would be Hikasa due to K-ON's events. 30,000 people... That would be pretty nerve-wracking hah.
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July 08 2011

Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana #92 2011.07.06 talk on the drunk Taketatsu Ayana episode on OreImo Radio <3

"I haven't been drinking much recently... I'm on a diet after all and alcohol really does make you fat doesn't it?

...But I like girls who are drunk. *laughs* I like cute girls that are drunk!
Yeah... Just the other day I was with Taketatsu Ayana... And she... Well I had also drunk a bit, but she was drinking too. She was REALLY cute. It was pretty potent. She was all like "KAnaaa-chan~~!" And I was like " (*´Д`)ハァハァ" *laughs* Yeah I like cute drunk girls! But that aside, when I drink everything just seems more fun."

More Kana x Ayana love <3 I laughed so hard listening to that episode of OreImo Radio ahaha.
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June 16 2011

Sugita's guest appearance on PayoPayo has been uploaded! \o/
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June 08 2011


Hayami Saori about AnoHana

From Hayami Saori's Freestyle #7 on 2011.05.17 

"The recordings are well underway for AnoHana... And it's really amazing! During the recordings you have so many people just bawling away. That goes for me as well. Just by watching it I get all soppy and teary ahh... There've been so many times where I've been crying too hard to say any of my lines! I think everyone who's watching it feels this way as well, it's going to be an anime where everyone watches and cries together I'm thinking. A crying anime and also a heartwarming one.
Also, during one of the recordings we were talking about how the word "yukiatsu" was in the top three most searched terms on Google *laughs*"
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May 17 2011

4199 3ed6
Itou Kanae's 2nd guest appearance on Payo Payo!
This time it's a live audience recording too.

Well a photo of her and Takahashi Mikako was up on Kanae's blog almost half a month back or so because that was when the event occurred.
...And I've been waiting for it to be broadcast...
Also Sugita is guesting on PayoPayo as it's next live recording guest on the 28th of May! \o/ I can't wait even more for that.

But the internet broadcast of that event will once again be a couple of weeks after in mid June.

Thats a looong time. :(
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May 03 2011

3091 a660
Hanazawa Kana talking about the Kuragehime photoshoot from her Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana? #87 on 2011.04.27:

"For that photoshoot I did for Kuragehime... I had one of those dresses... How do you put it... Topless? (LOL) A topless dress?!? *laughs* No, no, not topless! Umm how do you say it?? One of those ones without shoulders! Shoulder-less dresses? Yeah. Don't worry there's a top to it *laughs*"

Lol @ HanaKana saying she was topless for the photoshoot OTL
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April 25 2011

I remember HanaKana talking about this before the event on her radio lol.

From her Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana #86 on 2011.04.13:
"It's been decided that I'll be attending the Fractale event cosplaying as Nessa! ...yay. *unenthusiastically* ... *Laughs*
With Kuroneko and now Nessa, I'm pretty much a cosplaying seiyuu now. Look at me! Me and my not-firm body!"


"This time the costume's really full-blown... Seriously. Does everyone know of Nessa's costume? Her shoulders are like totally bare!"


"Tsuda Minami will also be cosplaying there and they got our exact measurements for it. It seems like they'll be specially making the costumes to fit us. It's like it's time to show my loose shoulders with this costume... I've been dieting with with a banana breakfast to prepare for it. *laughs*"

Hanazawa Kana cosplay seiyuu banzai! \o/ 


March 18 2011

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Hanazawa Kana talking about that new Roukyuubu seiyuu unit she's in

"Yeah I've just become part of a singing unit and its... pretty amazing. We were in a completely white dress. And our legs were really, really showing. 


I mean there's me, Hikasa Youko, Iguchi Yuka, Ogura Yui and Hidaka Rina. Isn't that just a really interesting combination? *laughs* And it's us three[Iguchi, Hikasa, Kana] mashed inbetween the 15 and 16 year olds. How weird is that?"

- From her Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana #84

Yeah even she finds the unit amusing ahaha.

Also on a random note, it seems like Kana has seen, and is a fan of Azumanga Daioh! :D
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