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August 19 2012

Kotobuki Minako, Fukuhara Kaori, Yuuki Aoi and Uchiyama Yumi drawn by KurodaBB, A-Channel's mangaka. It really does look like them. Especially Kotobuki.
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November 09 2010

I'm amused that Tomatsu Haruka's new single 'Baby Baby Love' debuted at #9 on Oricon's daily again. This makes it the fourth single from the Music Ray'n girls to hit their highest daily ranking record of #9 but not surpass it. Incidentally the other three were Haruka's 'Motto Hade ni ne', Aki's 'Love Your Life' and most recently Minako's 'Shiny+'. Yes poor Ayahime isn't included here :(

Perhaps we can look to Aki's next single to finally break #9? がんば Aki~!

If it ends up touching but not passing #9 again I'm gonna laugh :D

Edit: Dill debuted at 11 lol. Well there's still Minako's and Ayahi's tied-in single for this month :D

September 15 2010


Kotobuki Minako's Shiny+ debuts at #9 on Oricon's daily charts. Congrats to her, especially without a tie in :O.

Interestingly enough, I don't think any of the Sphere girls has ever gone above #9 in Oricon's daily rankings for their solo work, though they've hit #9 many times. The streak continues? Heh.
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August 03 2010

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Decided to do a rough sketch of Sphere's A.T.M.O.S.P.H.E.R.E cover( for fun. 
Hmm they look pretty different OTL

I'll decide later on whether to finish and colour it.

Also in my opinion, as much as I love Aki the most, Haruka is the best looking person in Sphere :3

June 28 2010

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K-On!! Radio RajiOn!! #1

Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Taketatsu Ayana, Satou Satomi, Hikasa Youko, Kotobuki Minako

- Live audience recording. Looks like they've added Taketatsu Ayana to the personality list, which is nice, but a 5 person radio is can be hard to listen to D: I'll have to see how it goes.

- The 5 of them were choosing their favourite scene from K-On!

- First up was Satou Satomi, who chose: Episode 11, where Mio comes to visit the sick Ritsu scene.

- Second was Kotobuki Minako who chose: Last episode, where Yui comes in to the hall to play.

- Third was Taketatsu Ayana who chose: The scene where Yui hugs Azusa from behind when she was all tsun'ing. I loved this scene as well <3

- Fourth was Hikasa Youko: Episode 6 at the school festival where Mio is practicing alone in the club room but everyone else comes.

- Last was Toyosaki Aki who chose: The last episode when she leaves the house after going back to pick up her guitar. Before the scene starts showing Aki-chan says "untan!" I love you Aki-chan <3

- I love Aki-chan's 'ufufufu' laugh <3 <3

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