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October 14 2011

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Another 3D -> 2D seiyuu scribble~

I love Yuuki Aoi's current hairstyle <3
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October 06 2011

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It's been quite a while since I've drawn the other ones but I tried another quick seiyuu 3D->2D scribble.

...I've kinda got a crush on Mimorin's smile (*´Д`)
...And I had quite a bit of trouble drawing it right OTL
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September 03 2011

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And another seiyuu 3D->2D scribble. I thought Aki's pose was really cute for this photo <3
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September 02 2011

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Another seiyuu 3D->2D scribble. These are actually pretty fun to do :D

Ayachi is really pretty <3
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After reading that 3D->2D post on I wanted to give it a quick try as well. Not sure if she looks too much alike but it was fun :D Perhaps I'll do a couple more later.
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March 14 2011

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My Smile drawings for the earthquake disaster in Japan. <3 Lets hope the people there regain their smiles after this tragedy :)
Tags: Drawing
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August 03 2010

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Decided to do a rough sketch of Sphere's A.T.M.O.S.P.H.E.R.E cover( for fun. 
Hmm they look pretty different OTL

I'll decide later on whether to finish and colour it.

Also in my opinion, as much as I love Aki the most, Haruka is the best looking person in Sphere :3
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